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Richie Bostock - The Breath Guy

Richie Bostock (The Breath Guy) is a man on a mission. He wants to change the way we think about the breath. And he might just do it. On his way to becoming The Breath Guy, Richie survives an early brush with depression, embarks on a breathwork odyssey across 5 continents, treks with The Ice Man, and journeys inwards towards wholeness. With him we explore the mind-blowing science of breathwork, rewiring the nervous system, hacking into the immune system, and opening the lid of consciousness. We discuss some startling similarities with the mystical experience of psychedelics and meditation, the emotional experience of appearing on national TV, speaking in front of large crowds, making an app, writing his first book, and Richie's passion to make breathwork accessible to all.

Charlie Dark - Creativity, Vulnerability and Community

Charlie Dark, the Run Dem Crew founder, DJ, musician, poet, father, speaker, mentor, yogi, and all-round renaissance man, lays bare the challenges of parenthood, starting something huge from your kitchen table, making music, turning 50, falling in love with running, creating a community, mental health setbacks, the '90s rave scene and present day clubbing, collaborations with big brands, getting it right with social media, viewing vulnerability as a superpower, exploring gentrification, loving meditation, recovering early dreams, and more in this wide-ranging conversation with Levitate founder and podcast host Ryan Nell.

Lydia French - People, Planet and Positivity

Lydia French is the founder of The Brighter Times, a home for good news with a mission to transform journalism (and perhaps the readers) for the better through positive news stories and upbeat illustrations. We chat about what she worries about and is optimistic about for our children and our children's children, the empathy gap, the environment, climate activism and denial, technology, the importance of play, celebrating victories and welcoming failures, the struggle to stay positive, gratitude practices, strong women, creative design collaborations with the WWF, and much much more!

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